Trump’s Insurrection: Ruling Class Conflict.

Trump’s Insurrection: Ruling Class Conflict.

It’s official. Trump haphazardly oversaw an attempted coup by reactionary elements, aka his base. And, of course he tweeted his support for the reactionaries storming the US Capitol.

There were other tweets in direct support of this civil insurrection, however, Twitter deleted them before I could get screenshots.

It’s virtually impossible that every branch of our surveillance state would be unaware of this attempted coup ahead of time. There is no communication or organizing that isn’t constantly monitored. Between whistleblowers like Julian Assange & Edward Snowden and de-classified documents, it’s patently obvious the former statement is true.

The question then becomes: why? Why wouldn’t our very authoritarian and knowing police state step in to stop this conflict before it started?

The answer is deceptively simple, but fully explaining it would take far more than one article. That answer? The ruling class is in conflict.

It should be no secret to you that America is ruled by a handful of wealthy elites. If you weren’t already aware of this, here’s an article proving the USA is an oligarchy rather than a democracy.

Even though the majority of the ruling class, also known as the establishment, is united behind the impending Biden/Harris administration, today’s events are proof that not the entire ruling class is behind Biden. If it were, DC police wouldn’t have been allowed to successfully collaborate and the requests for National Guard assistance wouldn’t have been denied.

And here’s proof of police collaboration and the selfies:

So, clearly the oligarchs can’t fully agree on who should be president, and some of them disagree strong enough to deny requests to stop Trump and his supporters’ coup.

Let me be fundamentally clear, this attempted coup is nothing other than naked fascism. Yet, liberalism is not the solution. Liberal, or more accurately, neoliberal rule over the last roughly 40 years is exactly what led to the material conditions for fascism to come back, both here in the USA and abroad.

We solve fascism not by an increasingly authoritarian police state, but by solving the material conditions and uncertainties wreaked by austerity and neoliberalism. And don’t forget, Joe Biden is an austerity zealot.

Implementing social safety nets and federal mobilizations unseen since WWII and the New Deal era are some methods in which we can begin to truly heal America. In other words: we need policy.

The policies I propose aren’t completely novel, some have existed in the past or currently exist in other forms, whether here or abroad. Some of my policies are iterations on what’s worked, others are, indeed, novel.

We also require a mass movement of the working class, across identities and through intersectionality. Identity politics as we know them now have not merely failed, they actively add fuel to the fires burning down our nation. To build that movement, we must acknowledge the original and current sins of America, the white supremacy, colonialism, slavery, and genocides we were founded upon.

I aim to enter Congress not for power itself, but to displace a bully and fascist enabler in Rep. Chris Stewart.

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