I’m the son of an educator, and the grandson of a truck driver. My family instilled in me a strong work ethic and the knowledge that, more often than not, one must challenge authority to do what is right.

I’m a photographer by trade, and I use my skills to document protests and rallies, so the people can see what really happened.

I’ve always been an activist at heart, and have organized protests ranging from Salt Lake’s local Lights for Liberty vigil, to a “No War With Iran” protest in the beginning of 2020. I’m also a elected member of leadership in both the Democratic Socialists of Salt Lake and the Green Party of Utah. I was a Bernie 2020 Victory Captain, and hosted 26 phonebanks, several mailbanks, and the Mormons For Bernie event where Dr. Jane Sanders spoke. In fact, I was top 20th Victory Captain nationwide based on my phonebanks alone.

After witnessing the power of Obama making a select few calls to end Bernie’s campaign, I moved on from the Democratic party, despite still technically being a Salt Lake County Democratic Party delegate.

I considered running as a Republican, because I believe in coming to the voters, but after seeing the so-called “Squad” coalesce behind Nancy Pelosi ‘s renewed speakership in exchange for nothing, I finally realized that you can’t make changes from within the two-party establishment, regardless of your ideology and goals going in.

Well, that’s my political history. I believe in many things, and I think most of my positions aren’t that radical, they’re merely common sense in the face of our crazy world. Check out my platform and feel free to tell me what you think! My DMs are open at twitter.com/Phelan4Congress